NOT Gross Things

Just so no one things that my life is ALL disgusting, I wanted to share some not gross things that we have done lately.

When we found out that Thatcher has Celiac Disease, we made the decision for our whole family to go gluten free. We all went through the blood testing, and even though it was determined that none of the rest of us have it, it was just easier to make a 100% switch. In order for Thatch to stay healthy, he needs to not JUST not eat gluten, but also not eat anything that has been in any contact with gluten. As in, you can’t butter a piece of regular toast, and then use the same knife to butter his toast. Or, you cant cut a carrot for him on a cutting board that has had a cracker on it. As you can imagine, feeding a family where one person’s food has to be that contained an no one else’s does is super complicated. To make all of our lives easier, we just totally cleared gluten out of our house. We make a few exceptions (you just gotta eat a burrito on a flour tortilla every once in a while), but the stress level in those situations is high enough that we keep it very limited.

There are MANY things to be missed when you don’t eat gluten, but the one that I really mourned over, and still do, is homemade bread. Before his diagnosis, I made homemade bread A LOT. I had a sourdough starter that I used to make rolls. I had an awesome recipe for crusty dinner bread. I made pizza crust every Friday night for homemade pizza on Friday Night Movie Night.  It was all delicious, and warm, and homey, and made my heart happy. And then I had to stop. And attempt gluten free bread instead. And it sucked. And I cried. More than once. The reality is that bread just isn’t bread without gluten. It just isn’t. But, we have gotten more an more used to it. I have tried and failed at some recipes, and I have practiced others until they are decent.

Until recently, I had repeatedly used Bob’s Red Mill Pizza Crust Mix to make our weekly pizza, and had done it enough that it consistently turned out pretty good. Not gluten good, but gluten free good. (There is a difference….at Thanksgiving, my mom made her roll recipe in a gluten free version, many reports said they were gross. I tried them and thought they were delicious, and said, “Mom, it’s just because other people’s bread spirits haven’t been crushed yet…they really are good!” Truth.)

Then, my friend introduced me to THIS recipe for gluten free dough. Unlike a lot of gluten free bread recipes, this recipe actually behaves how they say it will. There are no ridiculous pictures of light fluffy bread that looks like real bread and claims to be gluten free. It’s good, it doesn’t make me cry when I’m trying to roll it into a pizza crust, and can be used in a variety of ways.


It turns out great as pizza crust, especially when used to make multiple small pizzas (as opposed to one, big, pan-filling crust, although it comes out good like that too), and we have also used it to make delicious focaccia bread. Comes in handy when eating soup, which we love as a family, but is a little dreary and sad if you don’t have a chunk of bread to dip into it.


Now, if you don’t have a reason to eat gluten free, for the love of all that is good and holy, keep eating real bread. But, if you have had your bread spirit crushed like us, this recipe isn’t as depressing as what you have probably been eating.


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